Milling Machines.

Are you still searching for that perfect Milling Machine ?

Ajax Machine Tools are leading European machine tools specialists and we have a comprehensive range of Milling Machines for you to choose from.

We have many decades of industry experience and supply some of the highest quality milling machines currently available.

Our dedicated Spares and Technical Support Division will guarantee that you are looked after throughout the entire purchasing process. What types of Milling Machines can we offer you ?

For example, the AJT 200 turret mill is based on the design of the old Bridgeport Turret Milling Machine, but with a more modern twist to improve its performance. This AJT 200 is the smallest of a set of four turret milling machines in our range for you to choose from.

Our universal milling machines are also of a great design giving wide milling capability with a universal swivel table and a universal head. This is a true universal milling machine.

Last in the line but by no means the least is our range of vertical milling machines which are big and brutal making them capable of taking big cuts into big pieces of material. These machines are very strong and designed to last for very many years.

Are you based in the UK, Europe, or even different parts of the world? As well as having a service team throughout the whole of the UK, we also export our machines to over 40 different countries around the world. Why else should you come to us ?

All our prestigious products come with an 18 month guarantee, for your total peace of mind. In addition, we can offer you a delivery service with the option of a full installation procedure, if required.

If you would like more information about our Manual Milling Machines, why not contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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