Horizontal Universal Milling Machines

Ajax AJUM300 Universal Milling Machine

The Ajax range of universal milling machines. like their predecessors the No1, No2 & No4, are ideal for use in any environment catering to both maintenance and production requirements.

These machines are ergonomically designed, combining the latest design techniques with the highest standard of quality engineering, reliability in service, accuracy and rigidity of machine. So this UM range includes sequential speeds enabling the operator to machine a wider variety of more sophisticated materials.

Pendant Control

A pendant control is supplied on all models allowing greater flexibility of operation to the user.

Electrical Control Panel

The electrical control panel is fitted with a safety isolating switch which must be In the ‘OFF’ position before the panel can be opened. High quality contactors and relays are used throughout, with replacements readily available worldwide.

Universal Head

To increase the versatility of these rigid machines a universal head is available – a standard configuration with hinged bracket and spindle of size ISO.40

AJUM 200

This the smallest in the range has a swivel table, gearbox feed to the long travel and hand feed to the cross & vertical. Coolant comes as standard and an arbor with 2 supports.

AJUM 300 & AJUM 350

Again a fully universal with fully powered knee with feeds & rapids in all axes, also available with universal head.

Optional Extras

  • Universal Milling head (all models)
  • Slotting Head
  • 2 or 3 axis digital read-out systems
  • Clamping Kits
  • Machine vices 100, 150 or 200mm
  • Dividing head
  • Collet holder with collets
Ajax AJUM350 Fitted with Universal head, slotting head & 3 Axis DRO
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