Ajax Machine Tools Product Range

    Ajax Machine Tools , Who we are.

    Ajax Machine Tools has been going since 1939 when it started building machines for the war effort in WW2. The first product was a bench drilling machine that we still have running in our showroom today, showing the reliability and longevity of Ajax Machines to this day.

    Our remit is to make machines that do the job they are asked to do well and last a long time. Because that is what our customers want.

    But unlike the old machines we are now at the cutting edge of technology. We have a Renishaw XL80 Laser to calibrate and check our machines along with a Renishaw Ball Bar to check accuracy and alignments. So you can be sure that Ajax can supply high precision machines and we can prove it. We can also offer futureproof accuracy with an annual check & re calibrate on your machine to keep it tip top precision. We also offer full telephone support for problems and issues you may have on any Ajax machine tools machines, showing commitment to our customers world wide. Ajax today is still striving to offer quality machines at affordable prices. With our aim to supply trouble free machines that will work reliably for the next 25 years. We have a UK sales department along with an international one to support our customers round the world.

    Ajax Machine Tools Started.

    80 Years ago it all started with a plan to make machines to help the war effort. The machines were quality solid machines built to last, today we still follow the same values. So give us a call today.

    Ajax turning the world around.

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