Ajax Training CNC lathe Machine

The new Ajax Atom Mini CNC Lathe with the new Fagor 8088 elite or Siemens 808D controls, a 100mm 3 jaw chuck, a 4 way automatic tool post and coolant in a fully enclosed cabinet with drawers and cupboard. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

The new Ajax Atom lathe has been developed over the past year to solve a problem a lot of our customer have been facing. Getting a machine though a normal door and getting 3 phase 415V supply.

Well with this product we have solved both issues and put it on wheels to move around. So it will wheel though a single door into a room and plug into a 13 amp standard socket and within a few minutes make parts. CE & CA Marked.


Main features include

  • Fagor 8058 elite Conversational CNC Control
  • Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • AJAT210 On Wheels
  • AJAT210 240v single phase supply (3 pin 13amp plug)
  • AJAT320 415v 3ph or 240v 1ph 32amp
  • AJAT210 Will fit through a standard door
  • AJAT320 options, Hydraulic 3 jaw or collet chucks
  • AJAT320 options, 25mm bar feeder
  • Built in low-voltage LED lighting
  • Coolant system.
  • CE / CA mark.
ATOM 210 CNC Lathe Turning & Screw Cutting
ATOM 320 Cutting EN8 Steel From 38mm down to M12

Programming your mini CNC Lathe.

I can be programmed directly in ISO G Code or via a conversational platform so ideal for many uses. So the Siemens 808D is a great control at the right price. Also Ajax staff can advise on the best option for your classroom, garage or workshop.

CNC Control.

We have used the Siemens 808D as is is an affordable option of a real full CNC control. It can be used in full ISO G code and be fed from a CAD CAM or is has a conversational side which enables easy entry of profiles and screw cutting. Because the cost of training is also high the 808D comes into its own again. Siemens have created on line videos in You Tube to help you learn to program your machine at no cost.

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