Ajax Training CNC lathe Machine

The new Ajax Atom CNC Lathe with Siemens 808D control, a 100mm 3 jaw chuck, a 4 way automatic tool post and coolant in a fully enclosed cabinet with draws and cupboard.

The new Ajax Atom lathe has been developed over the past few months to solve a problem a lot of our customer have been facing. Getting a machine though a normal door and getting 3 phase 415V supply.

Well with this product we have solved both issues and put it on wheels to move around. So it will wheel though a single door into a room and plug into a 13 amp standard socket and within a few minutes make parts.

Main features include

  • Siemens 808D CNC Control
  • AJAX210 On Wheels
  • AJAT210 240v single phase supply (3 pin 13amp plug)
  • Coolant system
  • AJAT210 Will fit through a standard door
  • Built in low-voltage LED lighting
  • CE mark

Ajax ATOM 210 CNC Lathe Turning & Screw Cutting
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