Vertical CNC Lathes.

Do you a need high-quality CNC Lathe to maximise the productivity of your business ? We have an enviable range of unbeatable Lathes for you to select from. Ajax Machine Tools are a leading machine tools expert, so why not take advantage of our vast experience ? We have been on the cutting-edge of CNC technology for decades and that includes our precision CNC Lathes. As machine exporters around the world, we can supply the right lathe machine to meet your business requirements.

What CNC Lathe can we offer you ?

CNC Lathe Accuracy.

Accuracy is very important here at Ajax we are one of very few companies in the UK who have a Renishaw XLS80 laser measurement machine. It can measure down to a Nano of movement which is a 1000 ‘th of a Micron which is 1000 ‘th of a Millimetre. We then use this data to calibrate the machine down to very high accuracy. We can do this on your site if required and re do this on an annual basis to keep your machine accurate. Our normal results get machines over the entire working envelope down to less than +/- 0.002 most of our competitors are way over this and cannot test it or prove it.

We supply Vertical, Flatbed and Slant Bed CNC Lathes. For example, our Ajax Vertical Turning Lathes are very competitively priced and can be programmed to produce any difficult component part to a high level of precision. This powerful stable machine can undertake sizable cuts on a wide variety of materials. They come with the leading Fanuc 0i TF Plus, Siemens 808D & 828D and Fagor 8058 E;ite CNC control systems, which gives you the maximum level of control, as well as reliability.

Our CNC Lathes and other machine tools are available throughout the UK, Europe and in many different countries around the world. Do you need someone to install your machine ? We offer a full installation service for your convenience, along with any onsite training on how to use your new equipment effectively.


If you would like more information about our CNC Lathes, why not contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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