Vertical Boring Machines

Ajax AJVTL800 Vertical Borer

The Ajax range of Vertical boring and turning machines are designed to meet the needs of large turning where it is hard to use a standard lathe when weight is an issue. The vertical boring machine is much easier to set up as gravity is on your side not against you.

Vertical Turning Lathe with the chuck face horizontal to ease loading and gravity issues. Machine is manufactured from cast iron with a 4 jaw chuck and demountable jaws. It has a turret that feeds up and down at 90 degrees or at an angle up to +/- 30 Deg the rail it is mounted on also moves to give more rigidity and be closer to the workpiece. The machine is also supplied with a side head with a 4 way tool post which elevates and feeds in for side turning applications. The machine is pendant controlled with joy stick operation for feeds and rapids and pre select hydraulic control of the speed change.

Because vertical boring and turning machines are so universal and can also be known as vertical turning lathes with setups ready to take on the big turning jobs with ease.

These machines are built in a traditional manner from cast iron with traditional bearing systems like their predesesors from Webster & Bennet these machines make a great addition to any machine shop

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