Power Hacksaw Machines.

Ajax AJPH280 Power Hacksaw

This Ajax range of power hacksaw machines have been designed to meet the demands for a compact and efficient saw. Making these machines capable of cutting accurately, quickly and economically.

Our controls are simple and easy to operate and the machines incorporate features which make them the best on the market today. CE & CA Marked.


Ajax Power Hacksaw Machines.

General Construction.

The base, bow and most other component parts are constructed from high quality cast iron. Our table is liberally designed to ensure the free flow of coolant onto the workpiece and back into the tank.


The vice is made from high quality cast iron and is quickly adjustable. This enables the operator to change from one size of material to another in a matter of seconds.

Automatic Adjustable Feed.

The down feed to the saw frame can be easily varied by moving an adjustable knob from minimum to maximum feed as required. It is just as easy to cut thin walled steel tube or solid bars, as the down feed is always under control. All machines are provided with automatic cut out at the end of the travel.

Electrical Control.

Our control circuit includes no volt overload release and thermal relays. These machines are available as 415 volt, 3 phase, 50 cycle as standard with other voltages available on request (3 phase only).

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