Heavy Duty Gap Bed Centre Lathes

Ajax AM650 Gap Bed Centre Lathe

The AM lathes are a heavy duty machines with swings up to 1,300mm and bed lengths of up to 10,000mm. These machines are working round the world in shipyards, power stations and lots of large machine shops.

These modern machines have all the features needed in a modern workshop, with a wide range of speeds and feeds any large job in hard or tough material is not a problem. Rapid travel to the saddle and easy quick feed selection makes them quick and easy to use on any job.

Main features include

  • Induction hardened and ground one piece beds
  • Easily selectable spindle speeds in geometric progression
  • Headstock gears are case hardened and “Reishauer” ground splined shafts which turn on anti-friction bearings
  • The universal gearbox is totally enclosed and provides a range of metric or imperial threads
  • Saddle gearbox enables selection of feed to x and y axis, or to screw cutting and is available in left or right hand form
  • CE mark


  • 3 jaw chuck
  • Quick change tool post with 4 holders
  • 4 jaw chuck
  • Face plate
  • Steadies,
  • centres
  • Taper turning
  • 2 & 3 axis digital readouts
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