Gap Bed Centre Lathe

Ajax AJ175SD Gap Bed Centre Lathe

These quality built gap bed centre lathe are easy to use, quick & practical. The modern day answer to manual turning with a modern proven design & faultless construction. With high safety standards this machine exceeds CE and HSE requirements.

A wide range of speeds, feeds and screwcutting options gives this machine a head start over the competition. We can also offer delivery, installation & training to suit your requirements.

Main features include

  • 3 jaw chuck
  • Quick change tool post with 4 holders
  • Front loading swarf tray
  • High power worlight built into the machine guard
  • Induction hardened and ground one piece beds
  • Easily selectable spindle speeds in geometric progression
  • Headstock gears are case hardened and “Reishauer” ground splined shafts which turn on anti-friction bearings
  • The universal gearbox is totally enclosed and provides a range of metric or imperial threads
  • Saddle gearbox enables selection of feed to x and y axis, or to screw cutting and is available in left or right hand form
  • CE mark


  • 4 jaw chuck
  • Face plate
  • Steadies, centres and revolving
  • Face plates
  • Taper turning
  • digital readouts
  • Tooling packages

Quality from your Gap Bed Centre Lathe

Here at Ajax we still belive that quality counts. So that means we work hard to supply machines that are high quality and to give you super precision. But we dont stop there, because accuracy is more important every day we check and double check our machines.

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