Rotary Surface Grinders

Rotary Grinder

The Ajax rotary surface grinder is a high quality surface grinding machine for round componets that need more circular accuracy. With our variable feed technology our machines have a better surface finish and accuracy.

Options include, Electromagnetic chuck, pararalelle dressing attachment, demagnitiser, coolant systems, dust extraction, wheel balancing base, vertical MPG and DRO systems.



The main spindle on all models is mounted on super precision bearings, sealed and maintenance free.


Lubrication of all slideways is by means of an electronically controlled pump unit through metering valves to the various lubrication ports.


Ajax Rotary Surface Grinder showing aplication & accuracy

The Rotary Surface Grinder

Our machines with variable feed technology give a better surface finish and better accuracy. We have 3 models of Ajax Rotary Surface Grinding Machines with working areas up to 400 mm diameter. These machines come as standard with auto lubrication to keep them running well and smooth. Standard item include, grinding wheel & flange, wheel balancing arbor, work light, flange extractor diamond wheel dresser, leveling screws & tool box. So what ever your job these machines are ready to do the work, manufactured in stable cast iron and machined the scraped to high precision.

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