Cylindrical Universal Grinding Machines

Ajax AJG30 Universal Grinder with swing down internal grining attachment

Ajax has a great range of Cylindrical Universal Grinding machines and are well accepted by education as well as industrial establishments worldwide as quality machines at economical prices.



How to fit the internal Grinding Spindle on an Ajax AJG Universal Grinder


Our cylindrical Grinding Machines are manufactured in modern factories, well equipped with the finest machine tools available to ensure the highest standard of quality is maintained in production, giving continued reliability in service and accuracy of machining.

Because you want the best machine, here at Ajax we have work hard to make a machine thas as good as it can be. But as we all know quality today is not so good with many machines from China not being up to the mark. So Ajax has worked hard to make grinders that are high quality, relaible and at a price to please.


So you want coolant with paper filtation, we can do that. As you need a swing down internal grinding spindle we can do that too. So what else can we fit, digital readout (DRO). Chucks with 2, 3 or 4 jaws or magnetic. Steadies to support your workpiece.

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