Radial Drilling Machines

AJRD 55H Radial Drilling Machine

Ajax has been selling radial drilling machines since the 1950’s so we are very experienced in what makes a good drilling machine. With lots of options and sizes we are the one stop shop.

The main castings of the Ajax AJRD radial arm drilling machines are high quality cast iron, reinforced by a system of crossed ribs and boxed sections. All castings are hardened to 200-220HB.

The column for the AJRD 38 & 50 is a vertical rotating column with manual clamping as standard, hydraulic clamping being standard on all models above this size.

This system allows smooth rotation of the column and avoids angular deflection of the spindle axis when clamping is activated. A safety device prevents the arm from dropping in the event of excess wear of the arm raising nut and semi automatic lubrication system provides lubrication for both column and elevating screw.


The spindle and quill are manufactured from special forged steel and are constructed to reduce vibration to a minimum. The quill is machined with utmost accuracy and the teeth cut from the solid, and is also ground to ensure maintained accuracy for the feed rate. The spindle is mounted in double row roller and thrust bearings protected by a grease seal. The spindle is secured by an anti-vibration lock-nut at the top of the spindle. The spindle and quill assembly are fitted with a counter-weight providing uniform smoothness of the entire stroke, the quill over-travel is obliviated by a special safety device. An arm raising and lowering special safety device prevents over-travel.

Hydraulic Clamping

Hydraulic clamping on the model 30 & 50 is not available they have manual clamping, but supplied as standard on the rest. Clamping of the head, column and arm is actuated by a hydraulic unit operated by push buttons, the hydraulic system being divided to allow the operator to move the arm vertically without affecting the spindle alignment and similarly unlock the head or column independently.


The headstock is a totally enclosed unit including the gearing for the spindle speeds and feeds.. The feed mechanism also provides a depth stop mechanism. All gears are made of nickel chrome steel and are hardened and ground, with lubrication provided by an automatic lubrication pump.

Electrical System

The electrical control panel is located on the back of the arm in compliance with the CE norm.

Coolant Equipment

Coolant equipment is supplied as standard and consists of a motor driven pump complete with piping to the drill point and return piping to the sump.

Video of the operation of the AJRD55H Radial Drilling Machine
Operation Video for the AJRD85H Radial Drilling Machine
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