AJAX Geared Head Pedestal Drilling Machines

AJ35 Pedestal Drill

This range of AJ heavy duty pedestal & pillar drilling machines incorporate all geared heads, fully immersed in oil, and are designed for heavy duty, long life operation. The gears in the speed change box are hardened and shaved, and manufactured from the best quality nickel chrome steel. Shafts are splined and ground, and made to close tolerances to ensure perfect alignment and smooth operation.

Automatic oiling of all essential moving parts is achieved by an automatic pressure oil pump. All machines, with the exception of the AJ25 and AJ30, are fitted as standard with an automatic feed mechanism which is graduated and can be preset to the desired depth. (Feed optional of AJ25 & AJ30).

The machines are ruggedly constructed from Meehanite castings, well proportioned ensuring perfect rigidity. The permissible distance from the spindle to the table and base is such as to allow large components to be drilled without difficulty.

Automatic drill ejectors and coolant equipment is fitted as standard (coolant optional on AJ25 and AJ30).

For ease of operation, all machines incorporate a rack attached to the column thereby enabling the table to be positioned and locked in the required position.

This is only a representation of our full range which includes bench drills, pedestal drills, pillar drills, multi heads, multi spindle, auto cycle and tapping machines.

Main features include

  • Automatic drill ejector
  • Adjustable depth gauge an automatic mechanical trip on feed
  • Push button control for starting and reversing
  • Built in low-voltage lighting
  • Graduated tilting table through 180 degrees
  • Handwheel for fine feed adjustment
  • Manufactured in Europe with a CE mark
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