High Speed Vertical Machining Centres.

Ajax High Speed Machining Centre

This range of Ajax vertical machining centres are built to a high quality standard . Only the best products are used, high quality is a must. V means velocity. Speed is a must in today’s production methods and these machines do it all. Give one of our engineers a call or please email us today to discuss your needs. sales@ajax-mach.co.uk

Ajax staff can advise on the best option for your workshop solutions. CE & CA Marked.

For more information about control systems, please click here.

High Precision Calibrated.

All are machines are high precision calibrated using a Renishaw laser to give us super high precision, we then check this and all the alignments with the Renishaw Ballbar system which checks the machine while it is performing a circular move in 2 axis.




Accuracy is very important here at Ajax we are one of very few companies in the UK who have a Renishaw XL80 laser measurement machine. It can measure down to a Nano of movement which is a 1000′ th of a Micron which is 1000′ th of a Millimeter. We then use this data to calibrate the machine down to very high accuracy. We can do this on your site if required and re do this on an annual basis to keep your machine accurate. Our normal results get machines over the entire working envelope down to less than +/- 0.002 most of our competitors are way over this and cannot test it or prove it.


Machining processes can be achieved at high speed with reliable repeatability and quality. All the range are built on cast columns & bases to eliminate vibration and enable a better cutting finish. Rigid tapping is standard. On the random tool-changer, an air blast is used to clean the spindle prior to the next one entering, air blast is also used to clean the work piece while machining.


Thus bringing together the perfect balance of quality reliability & price. Ajax works with Fanuc to install the Fanuc 0i MF Plus control with the option on Manual Guide i to make it easy to program in conversational form.

Heidenhain with options of the TNC320 base level analogue control or the TNC620 & 640 controls, they all have the same programming language with the TNC640 having replaced the TNC530 as the Heidenhain flagship control.

Siemens 828D and 840D are both available with the option of shopmill conversational software.

Fagor 8058 elite & 8060 conversational controls are also available.

Ajax milling around the world.

Delivery & Installation.

Our delivery companies can deliver your machine and offload it with a variety of ways. Then either drive it in with a versa lift or skate it in to position. Then once its there our fully trained engineers will level and commission it. Once this is done we will train you in its operation.

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