Ajax Superturn Flat Bed CNC Teach Lathes.

AJAX AJST 400 Manual CNC Lathes

The AJAX Superturn Manual CNC Lathes Range supersedes the old Evolution range now heavier and stronger. With the new Fanuc 0i TF Plus CNC control. These machines can be used as a manual lathes by using the electronic hand wheels. Then control is used as a simple DRO measuring system.

Manufactured in a sustainable environmentally way. Using solar power from the factory roof to power the full plant including the casting facility.

The Turnmate i touchscreen software fitted to our lathes is very simple to use with touch screen cycles anybody can understand. A beginner can pick up the conversational programming in a very short time and we think this is the easiest lathe control to work on the market today.

For one-offs and small batch production the Super Turn can be conversationally programmed, using the flexible electronic turning cycles, its quick, its convenient and you do not have to be CNC trained to use the electronic cycles.

For complicated shapes and batch production, full ISO programming on the Fanuc 0i TF Plus Turn Mate i control is possible. Other control options include the Fagor 8058 elite Conversational control and the Siemens 828D with Shopturn. CE & CA Marked.

NSK Spindle & thrust bearings, Turcite on hardened & ground slides, automatic lubrication, portable handwheel (MPG), Hiwin Ballscrews, high power LED lighting.

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Turning has become Superturning.

Centre lathe turning has progressed at an impressive rate since the conception of electronics, driving axis and spindles, and computer driven programming.

The AJAX Superturn range of machines, combines all the virtues of conventional turning, electronic cycle turning and full CNC turning all in ONE machine.

The AJAX Superturn machines can be used as a manual lathe by using the electronic hand-wheels, the control is used as a simple DRO measuring system. For the 1 offs and small batch production the Super Turn can be programmed, using the flexible electronic turning cycles, its quick, its convenient and you do not have to be CNC trained to use the electronic cycles.

You can produce tapers, radii, grooving, multi point profiles and screw-cutting by answering simple questions direct from the Fanuc screen. These electronic cycles can then be linked together to give a complete electronic program.

The AJAX Superturn machines include fully enclosed guarding, meeting CE regulations, automatic 4 way indexing toolpost, automatic speed change and new Fanuc touch screen control.
Machine programs can be up and downloaded through the RS232 port or saved directly to the PMCIA card.


The range starts at 200 mm centre height to 300 mm centre height, with bed lengths varying from 750 mm to 2,000 mm, spindle speeds vary for sizes of machines but all have CSS fitted as standard. Axis and spindle drives are all Fanuc to give reliability and longevity of service.

Control Options.

We can offer these machines with the Fanuc 0i TF Turn Mate i, Fanuc 0i TF Manual Guide i, Siemens 828D Shopturn or the Fagor 8058.

This range of machines follows on from the Evolution lathes which ran for 15 years and before that the Quick Turn that ran only for a few years and going back 20 years and more the Premier lathes which were the first of this type with the old Fagor 800T and then the Fagor 8055T. So we have a lot of experience in this type of machine.

Standard Features.

  • Touch screen Fanuc Turn Mate i control.
  • Interlocked guarding & chip collection system.
  • Turcite B coated Hardened & ground slides to 400-450 HB.
  • Coolant equipment.
  • Automatic lubrication of bed ways.
  • Electronic hand-wheels or X & Z Axes.
  • Feed override control.
  • Digital Fanuc AC spindle Motor.
  • Digital Fanuc AC Feed drives & motors.
  • High power lighting.
  • Fixed centres & reducing bush.
  • 4 or 8 station turrets.
  • Instruction Manual.


  • 3 & 4 Jaw chucks.
  • Fixed & travelling steadies.
  • Live centres.
  • Face plates.
  • Manual Guide i (Fanuc).
  • Siemens 828D. Shopmill control.
  • Fagor 8058 elite control.


Accuracy is very important here at Ajax we are one of very few companies in the UK who have a Renishaw XL80 laser measurement machine. It can measure down to a Nano of movement which is a 1000 ’th of a Micron which is 1000 ’th of a Millimetre. We then use this data to calibrate the machine down to very high accuracy. We can do this on your site if required and re do this on an annual basis to keep your machine accurate. Our normal results get machines over the entire working envelope down to less than +/- 0.002 most of our competitors are way over this and cannot test it or prove it.

Ajax turning the world around.

Delivery & Installation.

Our delivery companies can deliver your machine and offload it with a variety of ways. Then either drive it in with a versa lift or skate it in to position.Then once its there our fully trained engineers will level and commission it. Once this is done we will train you in its operation.

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